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Welcome to Charm America!

Welcome to Charm America—the store where you’ll find beautiful charms at an even more charming price. When we think of charms, so many pictures come to mind. “Charm” is a symbol of captivating beauty, whimsical confidence, and magical love. Maybe it makes us think of what men failed to do in the famous “American Girl in Italy” photograph. Maybe you think of the twinkling in your Grandfather’s eye when he told you old war stories. And maybe, you think of a beautiful, handcrafted piece of gold or silver that hung from your mother’s neck. At Charm America, we’ve been captivating our customers with the beauty of our charm necklaces for more than thirty years, and we’re excited to captivate you with our beautiful selection of charmstoday.

A History of Artistry

Since its inception in 1979, Charm America has maintained its position in the forefront as a manufacturer of fine jewelry. Through integrity and honest business, we've established ourselves as a leader and innovator, as well as a proponent of first-rate craftsmanship and quality.

We pride ourselves on conducting our manufacturing business within the United States, from start to finish. Our Charm America headquarters utilize cutting-edge technology paired with timeless experience and traditional hand-finishing techniques to create the finest charm necklaces, pendants and jewelry.

Gifts That Speak for Themselves

Whether you're looking for the prefect gift for a birthday, holiday, anniversary, or just to show your love—we've got everything you need. Our bold selection of necklace charms and other charm jewelry carries significance from names and words, to symbols and pictures that tell a story. We know the look on that special someone's face—whether it's a spouse, daughter, or someone else—when they open a box to find one of our treasures inside: it's a joy that comes not simply from the gift, but from the story it tells.

Behind every one of our special jewelry charms lie years, names, faces, and memories that share a history only those people will ever know. The word love could mean years of marriage, or a budding romance that hasn't begun. A dog could be a fond memory of a childhood pet, or a promise of loyalty between friends.

With Charm America, our dedication to quality craftsmanship and pristine pieces means you'll get gold and silver charm pendants and necklaces that will last you for years to come. We don't skimp on quality because we know that you deserve to have and share the only the best.

Our broad selection gives you the freedom to find the gift you want to give at a price you can afford. We offer a variety of charms for necklaces so that you can create a gift or special something for yourself that reflects your styles and preferences. Our charms are perfect for any occasion and any fashion. They are the perfect subtle accent for party dress, and a lovely piece for when you're simply out and about.

Browse our selection today, and see why Charm America is going to charm any jewelry lover to pieces.