About Us

        Since its inception in 1979, Charm America has maintained its position in the forefront as a manufacturer of fine jewelry. Through integrity and honest business, the company has established itself as a leader and innovator, as well as a proponent of first-rate craftsmanship and quality. Charm America prides itself on conducting its manufacturing business within the United States of America, from start to finish. The company's headquarter utilizes cutting-edge technology paired with timeless experience and traditional hand-finishing techniques to create the finest products.


  • RJC Certified  -  Member #676

Charm America is proud and thrilled to be recognised as a certified member of the RJC including a provenance claim on conflict-free gold. Charm America strives to create, manufacture and distribute high quality jewelry, which is only possible through integrity and honest business practices.   Last Updated 09/2018.  Member #676